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Down Payment Help

Can you qualify for a home loan, but have little or no money for a down payment? The Individual Development Fund Program (IDF Program) can give you a grant up to $15,000 or 6% of the final price to pay down payment and closing cost to purchase a primary residence. Apply for the IDF Program and buy your new home with confidence. 

Goes with the Flow

The smooth and efficient flow of each phase of your real estate transaction can be critical for a successful closing. Program managers work closely with lenders and escrow companies to maximize efficiency and safety. This ensures you have the down payment money you need when you need it. Can you say “Peace of Mind”? 



Colors within the Guidelines

When purchasing a home it’s important for lenders to know that your financial resources are coming from approved sources. The IDF Program gets you the down payment assistance you need in a manner that makes lenders happy and you look responsible.

Social Consciousness 

The IDF Program is a socially conscience model that keeps on giving. It “Empowers Dreams and Supports Purpose” by financially empowering home buyers to fulfill their dreams of homeownership and supporting purpose as a fundraising solution for small to medium non-profit organizations.



Available for All 50 States

If you live in one state and are looking to purchase a home in another state that’s “Not a Problem”. As long as you are relocating to that state and will use the home as your primary residence, you can be approved for the IDF Program. The straight forward and simple process used to provide you down payment assistance is user-friendly in virtually all 50 states.